The Mazza Museum & Joseph and Judith Conda STEAM Education Center welcomes all visitors and strives to make museum collections and programming accessible and inclusive for everyone.


All accommodations are available to both children and adults
Accessibility & Inclusion

Accessibility Information

Call-Ahead Accommodations

For any needed accommodations, visitors are encouraged to call (419) 434-4560 ahead of time to make arrangements.

If you would like to schedule a tour, but have members of your group that may need special accommodations, visitors are encouraged to call ahead to the number listed above to ensure that the museum can be inclusive for all guest experiences.

Physical Disability Accommodations

Experience universal design concepts come to life, showcasing a deep commitment to accommodating the diverse needs of every visitor.

Discover a thoughtful arrangement of tables, bookshelves, and counters ensuring a comfortable experience for individuals of all abilities. With this adaptable design, wheelchair users and people of different heights can engage with exhibits effortlessly, fostering an inclusive environment that encourages interaction and participation.

Throughout the museum, everything is universally designed on the first floor with the main entrance offering curb-cut ramps for easy access, eliminating barriers and promoting ease of mobility. Benches are also strategically located throughout the museum. Every visitor can navigate the galleries, exhibitions, and immersive displays with confidence and freedom.

Exhibit access is designed with inclusivity in mind. Interactive elements and displays cater to individuals with diverse needs, allowing everyone to engage and connect with the artwork and literary treasures. The museum’s commitment to universal usability ensures that the magic of storytelling and art can be experienced by all.

Cognitive Difficulty Accommodations

Discover a host of innovative tools and resources designed to enhance your visit and ensure a memorable experience for all.

Immerse yourself in the museum’s Visual Rules, providing clear guidance on appropriate behavior and interactions within the space. These concise guidelines promote respect, engagement, and a harmonious environment, fostering an inclusive atmosphere for visitors of all ages.

Prepare for an inclusive and accessible experience by acquainting yourself with the museum’s Social Narrative—a concise, user-friendly guide that familiarizes individuals with autism or sensory sensitivities with the museum’s layout, exhibits, and expected behaviors.

Embark on a thrilling picture-based tile search adventure, where captivating images guide you through a maze of artistic wonders. Let your eyes roam over the vibrant tiles, each one representing a unique piece of art or literature. Take on the picture-based Mazza mural search sheet, armed with a dry-erase marker. Engage in a delightful hunt for specific images within the museum’s stunning murals, as you mark your findings on the sheet. This interactive experience blends creativity with observation, turning your visit into an immersive treasure hunt. The picture-based searches are located in the Mazza Museum main office to be checked out at the front desk.

Additionally, a helpful video on how to act in a museum provides guidance on proper museum etiquette, ensuring that visitors can fully enjoy the Mazza Museum’s collections while respecting the artworks and their fellow guests. This informative video reinforces a positive and respectful atmosphere, contributing to an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Blind & Low Vision Accommodations

Discover a range of resources designed to ensure an enriching experience for visitors with low vision or visual impairments.

Explore the comprehensive low-vision binder, a valuable tool that provides support and assistance throughout your visit. Inside, you’ll find a 1x magnification sheet, allowing you to enlarge text and images for enhanced visibility. Accompanied by guided reading strips, you can effortlessly navigate books and literature, immersing yourself in the world of storytelling. The low-vision binder can be checked out in the Mazza Museum main office at the front desk

Engage in an immersive tile search experience with large print materials, specially designed for those with low vision. Large print materials are conveniently located on the left side of the door to the Mazza Resource Center, near the start of the Mazza Tile Search. Each tile represents a captivating piece of art or literature, bringing the joy of discovery to life. Lose yourself in the search as you explore the museum’s galleries and engage with the large print Mazza mural search, offering a delightful challenge for those with visual impairments.

Embrace the power of technology with iPad applications available at the Mazza Museum. These innovative tools provide assistance and support, catering to specific needs and preferences. Whether it’s magnification applications, text-to-speech functionality, or other adaptive features, these iPad applications enhance accessibility and ensure a personalized museum experience. Trained docents are available to assist as needed.

D/deaf Accommodations

Discover a range of accommodations designed specifically for individuals who are D/deaf or hard of hearing, ensuring a fully immersive and enriching visit.

Experience seamless communication through closed captioning and speech-to-text on iPads, ensuring that videos and multimedia presentations are accessible to all. These interactive devices provide visual captions synchronized with the audio content, allowing you to engage with the museum’s digital offerings and enjoy a comprehensive understanding of the exhibits.

Sensory Sensitivities & Input Accommodations

Visitors can access two Sensory Support Kits designed to enhance their experience. These kits provide valuable resources for individuals who benefit from sensory accommodations, ensuring a comfortable and engaging visit.

The Sensory Support Kits include a range of tools to create a soothing environment. Noise-reducing headphones help minimize auditory distractions, while a weighted lap pad offers a calming sensation. A variety of fidgets are available to promote focus and sensory engagement, and a visual timer assists with time management. Additionally, sunglasses are provided to reduce glare and create a visually comfortable space.

For those seeking emotional regulation and relaxation, the Calm Down Kit from “Be Clever Wherever” is available. It includes resources to manage mood and breathing, such as a feelings reference sticker and an EZ-spin wheel for self-reflection. Tactile strip fidgets and a stretchy string fidget offer tactile stimulation, while six double-sided charts provide visual support for expressing emotions and understanding feelings. Additionally, there are breathing stickers to help guide breathing techniques for a calming experience while exploring the museum. Included in the kit, Breathing Stickers are available to help guide you through helpful breathing exercises to have a calming experience while at the museum.

To access these Sensory Support Kits, visitors can go to the Mazza Museum office (Room 145) and request them from the front desk. Visitors will be asked to leave their ID as a temporary deposit while borrowing the kit. Upon returning all the pieces of the Sensory Support Kit in the provided bag, visitors will have their ID returned to them.


The museum also has a binder called the Visual Support Binder available for assistance. Inside the binder, you’ll find an array of visual aid cards, offering clear and concise visual cues to facilitate communication and understanding. These aids provide guidance and support, empowering visitors to navigate the museum’s exhibits and engage with the artwork and literature.

Familiarize yourself with the Visual Rules, which outline expected behaviors and interactions within the museum. These guidelines promote a respectful and inclusive environment, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the space and exhibits to the fullest.

The Social Narrative included in the binder is a helpful tool for individuals of all ages. By reading the narrative before visiting the museum, visitors can gain a better understanding of what to expect and how to behave, enabling them to have a more fulfilling and enjoyable experience.

Create your own visual schedule using the resources provided in the binder. This personalized schedule allows you to plan and organize your visit, ensuring a smooth and structured experience tailored to your preferences and needs.

The First-then chart helps individuals stay focused and motivated throughout their visit by providing a clear sequence of activities. This visual tool helps establish expectations and rewards, promoting engagement and positive behavior.

The sensory-friendly map included in the binder offers a guide to the museum’s layout, highlighting areas that provide a calm and soothing environment. This map assists individuals in navigating the space and identifying sensory-friendly zones, ensuring comfort and enjoyment throughout their visit.

Take advantage of the Brain Break section, which provides activities and strategies to help individuals relax, refocus, and recharge during their time at the museum. These breaks are designed to support self-regulation and enhance the overall museum experience.

Additional Accommodations

Service animals are welcome in the museum, ensuring that individuals who rely on their animal companions for assistance can fully enjoy the exhibits and educational offerings.

Coat and bag storage facilities are available, allowing you to store your personal belongings during your visit. This service ensures a hassle-free and unencumbered exploration of the museum’s galleries and interactive displays. The coat and item storage area is located behind the brick wall in the Great Hall. Please keep in mind that coats and items left in this area are not under surveillance and the Mazza Museum is not responsible for any lost or damaged items.

A refill station is provided, offering access to water for hydration throughout your visit. Stay refreshed as you immerse yourself in the captivating world of art and literature. Cups for the refill station can be attained from the main office.

In the event of any minor medical needs, a first aid station is readily accessible. Trained staff members are available to provide assistance and support if required, ensuring the safety and well-being of all visitors. Mazza iPads are equipped with applications that can walk staff, volunteers, and visitors through basic first aid and hands-only CPR in case of an emergency. Please remember that these measures are not to replace medical professionals, but are to support the person in need until 911 personnel arrive.

Changing stations are also conveniently located in the restrooms behind the brick wall of the Great Hall. Changing stations are equipped with essential amenities to facilitate diaper changes for infants and toddlers. Parents can rely on these well-equipped stations for their child’s comfort and cleanliness. The nearest Gender Inclusive Restrooms can be found at the Alumni Memorial Union in the Northeast Hallway, as well as in the Egner Fine Arts building in the Main Lobby.

At the Mazza Museum and Joseph and Judith Conda STEAM Education Center, the commitment to providing comprehensive accommodations is evident. Every visitor is valued, and these additional services and facilities are in place to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience for all who enter.