What We Offer

Visitors of all ages can experience a unique learning and development opportunity through touring the Museum, volunteering and participating in its programs.

Education Programs at the Mazza Museum are presented by the Dr. Jerry J. Mallett Institute.


Teacher Resources

The Mazza Museum provides educators with the tools to inspire excitement for reading in the classroom and beyond. Acting as a resource, the Museum offers workshops, research materials, teaching aids and story kits that assist with the learning process.

Children′s Tours

Guided tours are available upon request for a fee. This option is great for schools and groups of every age. We offer private tours for both adults and children.

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Book List

A Dog Came to School by Lois Lenski
A Flower Wedding by Walter Crane
A Game of Ball by Jessie Willcox Smith
Amelia Bedelia’s First Field Trip by Lynne Avril
Anderson’s Fairy Tales by Helen Stratton

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School Extension Program

The Mazza School Extension Program is a school program where a school studies three Mazza book artists for about three months integrating these books into the curriculum. During that time the entire school visits the Mazza Museum. At the end of the program, the entire school votes which artwork will be sponsored by the school in their honor.

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