Rosemary Wells

Rosemary Wells

Rosemary was born in New York City and raised on the New Jersey shore. She grew up in a home that was always filled with books, dogs, classical music, and other things her parents held in great esteem.

Speaking about her youth, Rosemary recalls, “New Jersey was farm country and I spent much of my time outdoors, running around the woods behind our house and playing baseball with the neighbor’s kids.
I spent a lot of time with animals, horses, and dogs. My grandmother took me on special trips to the theater and museums in New York City. I was born during a golden age of childhood in our country’s history. And, I was lucky because my parents were happy and they supported all that I wanted to do. They had both been in the theater and understood the arts from the inside. We had a houseful of wonderful books. Reading stories aloud was as much a part of my childhood as the air I breathed.”

At two years old Rosemary began to draw. When she was not outdoors, she was always drawing. At nineteen, she attended Boston Museum School. Rosemary worked seven years in publishing before her first book was published in 1968, an illustrated edition of Gilbert and Sullivan’s A Song to Sing, O! Rosemary Wells’ career as an author and illustrator spans more than 40 years and 120 books. She has won numerous awards, and has given readers such unforgettable characters as Max and Ruby, Noisy Nora, and Yoko. She has also given Mother Goose new life in two definitive editions, and created an unforgettable world for grown-ups and kids alike in Voyage to the Bunny Planet.

Mazza owns art from Presenting Two Poems for the Frozen North: The Shooting of Dan written by Robert W. Service, Yoko written by Rosemary Wells, Max’s Dragon Shirt written by Rosemary Wells, Bunny Mail written by Rosemary Wells, Baby Max and Ruby -Sandbox written by Rosemary Wells, Fritz and the Mess Fairy written by Rosemary Wells, and Otto Runs for President by Rosemary Wells