Mazza Museum Awards Medallion of Excellence

Mazza Museum Awards Medallion of Excellence

University of Findlay’s Mazza Museum’s Medallion of Excellence for Artistic Diversity is a biennial award to recognize an outstanding artist of children’s books. This year’s winner is artist and author James Gurney.

Gurney is known for his illustrated book series “Dinotopia” in which he specializes in painting realistic images of scenes that can’t be photographed from dinosaurs to ancient civilizations. He is also a dedicated outdoor sketcher, sharing his adventures and insights as he paints with gouache, watercolor, casein, and oils.

Gurney joins a list of other Medallion winners honored for their work of outstanding merit. The key criteria for choosing the recipient is the candidate’s sensitivity to the varying requirements of different stories. This award is given to an artist of children’s books who has demonstrated willingness to experiment with both styles and media of illustrating.

The medallion that Gurney received was designed and created by Findlay artist Betty Fulmer. Using handmade paper, she individually crafted 20 medallions. Each work is unique and numbered while sharing the same design concept. These creations are full of symbolism with references to universal and timeless themes which honor the most inspiring and talented people who have given so much to the world through children’s literature. The very first piece is on display in the Mazza Museum.

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