Joseph and Judith Conda STEAM Education Center

Thank you for your financial support of the Joseph and Judith Conda STEAM Education Center! Your support, along with a grant from the state of Ohio, is helping to create a unique space where the college students of tomorrow can collaborate with University of Findlay students to explore the sciences, technology, art, mathematics, and more in a dynamic, student-centered way.

Your Exclusive Virtual Tour of the Conda STEAM Education Center!

Access to this virtual tour will be available here beginning at 8 a.m. (EST) on Jan. 21, 2021!

Research shows that a strong foundation in the arts can lead to enhanced critical thinking skills in the sciences. STEAM education connects them all together. Thanks to donors like you, Mazza is now on a path to inspire intelligence and encourage imagination with this new addition.

The Conda STEAM Education Center will blend Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics in a hands-on learning lab that fosters creativity, collaboration and critical thinking skills. You are helping to inspire tomorrow’s innovators and problem-solvers!

Joseph and Judith Conda

“Magical” is the word Judith Conda uses to describe her first visit to University of Findlay’s Mazza Museum. The trip was happenstance, and she was immediately captivated by the 36-year-old museum, which houses the largest and most diverse collection of original picture book art in the world.