The Scarecrow

The Scarecrow

THE SCARECROW. Written by Beth Ferry and illustrated by the Fan Brothers. Harper. $18.99.

“Autumn sunshine.

Haystacks rolled.

Scarecrow guards the fields of gold.”

Ferry uses terse verse to tell this story of a lonely scarecrow who has done his job a little too well. Through the seasons, the animals stay away from him in fright and he is stuck on his pole unable to move. Then, in the spring, something drops from above. It is a baby crow. Scarecrow does the strangest thing! He snaps his pole and reaches down to cradle the frightened bird. Then he tucks him into the bib of his overalls and takes tender care of him. Thus, a special friendship begins. Soft colors reflect the seasons and the time of day. The nighttime scene lit with fireflies is especially notable. Even though the scarecrow’s face is painted on and can’t change, the Fan brothers masterfully show his emotions though his positions and the slant of his hat. The change in Scarecrow’s life because of one little bird touches the heart.