Robert Neubecker

Robert Neubecker

Robert Neubecker has been an illustrator for over thirty years. He is currently on the staff of Slate.com. He has worked for nearly everything in print, notably, Time Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek and The New York Times. He illustrated the poster for the movie Sideways, which won the prestigious Key award for best comedy poster of 2004.

Robert was born and grew up in Wisconsin prior to moving to New York City when he was nineteen years old. He spent his next 22 years living in Manhattan at which time he decided to move to the country. He did this by moving to Park City, Utah where he met his future wife. They now live with two daughters, three cats, three dogs and various other “pets.”

Neubecker’s first book as an author-illustrator, Wow! City! Won an American Library Association Notable Book award for 2005. A growing list of books have followed, including Beasty Bath, Wow! America!, Wow! School! and Courage of the Blue Boy. Illustrated books for other authors include I Got Two Dogs, by John Lithgow, Monsters on Machines by Deb Lund, My Name is Sophie Peterman, by Sarah Weeks and Air Show with Treat Williams.

The Robert Neubecker art in the Mazza collection is a pen & ink, watercolor from Hattie Hippo, two graphite preliminary drawings from Air Show, a pen & ink preliminary sketch from What Little Boys Are Made Of and a computer generated AP from Wow! Ocean!