Richard Cowdrey

Richard Cowdrey

Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, Richard Cowdrey graduated from The Columbus College of Art and Design in 1981. After briefly working at Hallmark Greeting Cards, in Kansas City, Missouri, he has been a freelance illustrator working with many distinguished clients, such as, Abercrombie & Fitch, Chase Manhattan Bank, Ducks Unlimited, Harcourt Brace, Harper Collins, Wendy’s International and World Wildlife Federation.

Cowdrey was soon offered a book to illustrate. It was Animal Lullabies by Pam Conrad. Then came Frosty the Snowman and Frost’s New Friends by Steve Nelson and Frank Rollins. The next book, Bad Dog, Marley, he referrers to as “icing on the cake.” He said, “this picture book was truly a joy to work on, a story near and dear to my heart.” Since doing Marley he has illustrated other books, such as The Sandman, And This is the Day and, a second Marley book, A Very Marley Christmas.

Cowdrey now lives in Gambier, Ohio and his art in the Mazza Museum are the following eight acrylics: “Marley Makes a Mess in the Kitchen” from Bad Dog, Marley; “Baby Louis Painted a Picture” and “Baa-Boo-Boo Waddy! Louise Yelled” from A Very Marley Christmas; “Crane Flying Towards the Sunset” from This is the Day!; “For When Thney Placed it on His Head” and “He Came to Life One Day” from Frosty the Snowman; and “Drinking Warm Milk” and “Sprinkling a Bit of Powdery Sand over the Boyu’s Eyes” from The Sandman