Miller Gallery

Miller Gallery

Miller GalleryBernard Most’s Catbirds and Dogfish

The entire collection of art from Bernard Most’s clever book about real and imaginary creatures.  Each creature has a compound word for a name, such as  Catbird.  Most used his imagination to create images of both the real Catbird and the imaginary way a Catbird might look based on the sound of its name.  Enjoy a seek and find to match the real animal with its imaginary counterpart.


The Littles of Mother Goose

Why are so many Mother Goose characters called “little?”  Experience Mother Goose art from multiple artists that feature “littles” from the rhymes.

Elephants, Elephants, Everywhere!

O'BrienIf we all drew an elephant, would they look the same?  NO!  Why not? Because we all experience life in our own unique way; including how we see and interpret animals like elephants.

This exhibit  challenges you to think about why each artist created their elephant they way they did.  What makes them different?  What makes them the same?  How does the story influence the art?  How does the artist influence the art?