Miller Gallery

Miller Gallery

Founded in Faith: Findlay’s Religious Heritage
University of Findlay was founded in 1882 by the Churches of God in North America, now the Churches of God General Conference, as a Christ-centered College. This display shows art from picture books that reflect the University’s Protestant Christian heritage as well as some of the other religious affiliations practiced by our students today. Tomie dePaola, Tasha Tudor, and Ashley Bryan are some of the artists gracing the walls in this unit.
Mother Goose Corner
The Mazza Museum’s Mother Goose Corner has some of the well-known nursery rhymes that we grew up hearing and reciting.  Art in this unit shows some delightful depictions of the beloved Mother Goose as well as some other favorites. Some familiar and favorite pieces by Mazza illustrators Janet Stevens, Brian Wildsmith, and Iza Trapani are sure to please.
Cheryl Harness: A Salute to American History
Stunning detail and realistic renderings abound in Cheryl Harness’s artwork from books about  America’s founding fathers, past presidents, and storytellers.  Harness  brings stories likeThree Young Pilgrims, Ghosts of the White House, and The Amazing, Incredible Erie Canal to life in her unmatched style.