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Curator’s Statement

Hardie Gramatky: a Glimpse into Greatness

For Hardie Gramatky, illustration and storytelling were not merely a profession, they were a way of life. The prolific artist pursued his passions with such relentless vigor that they outlasted him, winning countless fans and influencing generations of artists along the way. While Hardie’s literary and artistic accomplishments are well known, few were privy to the means by which he achieved them.

In 2017, the Mazza Museum acquired a large percentage of Hardie Gramatky’s original artwork, preliminary drawings, and manuscripts. As a special addition to the initial shipment, the Museum received his personal studio furniture and art supplies, with which he created all fourteen of his beloved picture books and countless fine art paintings. From the moment these relics were uncrated, it was evident that Hardie’s spirit was alive and well, and the idea for a very special exhibition was set into motion.

For the first time, Hardie’s studio and the tools of his trade will share the spotlight with the magnificent works of art that they helped create. Visitors will now have the unique opportunity to experience the essence of the artist, from his first sparks of inspiration through his storyboards and manuscripts, to the original paintings and his final published work.

The Mazza Museum is honored to share Hardie’s legacy as we offer a rare glimpse into his story, which has remained unseen by the public until now.

Dan Chudzinski