Chris Easey

Chris Easey

Chris Easey did not attend his first art class until after retiring from secondary school teaching. His partner, Sharon, gave him a box of paints and paper for his retirement as “a hint to do something useful!” While “sitting in the sun adding watercolor to a pen and ink drawing of a gateway, a shadow fell across his paper. After a long silent pause…a voice said ‘You’re not a painter, you are an illustrator.’ The shadow vanished and as she walked away she added, “That was praise, by the way!”

Easey explained that, “over the years since, I’ve always thought that I was quite happy with that. It reflected the mass of field sketches and work sheets I’d produced for classes, the many years I produced cartoons of colleagues moving to new schools or retiring, and best of all it fits perfectly with the ever increasing mountain of sketch books and acrylic paintings I churn out to give a garage a purpose in life as an overflow storage unit. To me it’s all the fun of seeing what appears as the white is removed.”

Chris moved to the United States from England. He considers himself “fortunate to have found the Du Page Art League” and joined the classes of John Booth for acrylic, oil, charcoal and discipline, and Gerry Brodick for watercolor and the use of purple. He added, “Since then I give thanks to the many others whose classes I’ve attended for their help and encouragement and above all to my partner Sharon, who, so that I can sit and draw in my sketchbook, has forced herself to spend long hours shopping!”

The Chris Easey art in the Mazza Museum from Toulouse on the Loose titled “Ooh La La! Come into My Kitchen.”