Arnosky Gone Wild

Mazza Museum Goes “Wild” with Jim Arnosky Exhibition

University of Findlay’s Mazza Museum displays the works of self-taught artist, writer, and naturalist Jim Arnosky in their “Arnosky Gone Wild” exhibit.

The Mazza Museum invites you to step off the beaten path to take in the sights and sounds of the natural world, as seen through the eyes of a naturalist, a writer, and above all…artist, Jim Arnosky. Arnosky has written and illustrated 132 published books on nature subjects, detailing life cycles of animals from manatees to bears, while presenting new ways to see and experience nature. Arnosky’s work stems from the wildlife that he and his wife Deanna choose to study in their free time. While Deanna photographs the animals, Jim sketches them.

“Through my study of nature, I have become convinced that every little thing is part of some whole and that if you look closely enough and think well enough, you will recognize the scheme of things,” said Arnosky. “You may even find a place for yourself in that order. I have found my place. It is outdoors near the earth and its waters, near the birds and beasts.”

The Mazza Museum acquired a large percentage of Arnosky’s work during the Covid-19 pandemic. In total, 1,500 original illustrations, representing 96 titles, were collected. It was from this acquisition that the works in this exhibition were selected.

For more information on the “Arnosky Gone Wild” exhibition, please visit the Mazza Museum online, or visit on the campus of the University of Findlay.