Japanese Cultural Club for Children

Mazza, Virginia B. Gardner Fine Arts Pavilion

KODOMO NO KAI Japanese culture experience through picture books! Dates: Feb. 8, Feb. 22, Mar. 8, Mar. 22 Age: 2nd grade - 5th grade Register at the website below.

STEAM Club After-School Program

Join Mazza’s STEAM Club! This six-week, STEAM focused after school program is designed for the innovators of tomorrow.



Creativity and critical thinking abound as young minds explore the many ways that STEAM can help them learn about the world around them!

Mazza Art Camp (formerly Young Artist Workshop)

Learn about the world of picture book art in a fun, exciting way. Your artist will create daily art projects using different techniques and media inspired by original illustrations from picture books.

Weekend Conference

Mazza’s Weekend Conference is a two-day educational conference offered each year in November.