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Just as an author decides what would be the best point of view from which to tell a story, so too does an artist think about perspective. One way to obtain action in what might otherwise be a static series of pictures is to change the focus, just as a movie camera changes   perspective or shows close-ups and then moves back to pan the whole scene. Our Perspective Exhibit shows the unique views that artists use to tell a story.

Borders are often used to add a three-dimensional quality to the art.  These borders are usually simply line drawings.  The artist then extends some of the art across this line border giving the appearance of the art “popping off” the page.

Recently the Mazza Museum acquired over a dozen special paintings by children’s book artists from Great Britain. The number of awards amassed by this group of artists is staggering.  The International Exhibit is a chance to view art that is making waves across the pond.

A popular topic for book artists is Mother Goose.  For one reason the rhymes are so much fun, therefore fun to illustrate.  For another, these rhymes are not copyrighted; therefore, the artist does not have to share a royalty with an author.  No matter what the reason, there are a plethora of Mother Goose books from which to choose.

In the beginning of the history of printing, the woodcut or wood engraving was the only means of reproducing art.  In making a woodcut, the nonprinting areas are cut away, leaving a raised surface that when inked and pressed on paper, duplicates the original design.  If color is to be used, the artist must prepare as many woodcuts as colors, or the printed picture can be painted by hand.   This exhibit highlights some of the masters of this detailed medium.

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