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Over the years many children’s books have been made into movies either for the theater or for television.  Clearly the first and still popular cross overs from book to film have been the classics. Simply reflect back to Cinderella, Snow White, and The Jungle Book, which Disney brought to films, to mention just a few. It is also true that there are many children’s books, which were first in a film version.  This is certainly true of the early Disney movies.  For example, “Mickey Mouse,” “Donald Duck and “Popeye” were all movie shorts before becoming popular books that were usually sold by mass-marketing.
In this exhibit you will find examples of these films and book crossovers and the interesting differences that take place when the conversion is made.

Clearly a picture storybook begins with an idea.  Once the artist solidifies this idea, the process of making a picture book can begin.  Storyboarding, preliminaries, book dummies and many revisions follow.  This exhibit gives us an inside look at the tedious and laborious process of developing a picture book.

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